Why learn with Linguapaths?

Por que elegirme

Because, after many years teaching languages to adult students, I know their difficulties in depth and I think the best way to help them is by working in a personalised way on learning strategies that promote self-confidence, autonomy and awareness. In other words, an effective and lifelong learning.

Lifelong learning is a type of learning which boosts our self-confidence as learners, encourages us to advance through our own means and we can apply to different areas of our lives.

Tailor-made Teaching

Adapted to suit the students’ needs and objectives so that the class’ topics are relevant for students and therefore increase motivation, a key ingredient in language learning.

Communication and Action

Approach based on communication as the main objective in language learning. Real-world tasks and situations are used in each class for the students to experiment with language and learn from that experience. Communication as the objective and means in learning.


Autonomy as the engine of effective learning, thanks to which students learn how to learn, commit and take an active role in their own language learning process. Autonomy enables students to learn in any context throughout their lives.

English courses

Regular English course

A regular course is probably the best way to learn a language because the steps that are taken are gradual, the student has more time to explore, discover and practise, hence the learning is often more efective.

English exams preparation course

At present, the English exam preparation courses are the most demanded courses since a great number of students need them to be able to sit for and pass exams of different levels but, above all, the A2, B1, B2 and C1.

English private lessons

English private lessons will allow you to personalise your learning, feel more confident as an English language learner and interact only with your teacher.

Business English course

Perfect for those students who need to learn or improve their Business English, i. e. the one they use (or will use) in their company or on a business trip.

Spanish courses

Intensive Spanish course

With this course you will be able to prepare yourself for a trip to Spain or a Latin American country, a DELE exam or a specific job in which you need to speak or understand Spanish

Regular Spanish course

Thanks to the regular spanish course you’ll be able to communicate effectively in Spanish both at work and at school/university.

Spanish private lessons

The spanish private lessons are for students who need to learn Spanish with a specific purpose, as for instance pass an exam or study in a Spanish-speaking country, or who prefer to personalise their learning and interact only with their teacher.

The individual Spanish lessons could be face-to-face, via Skype or on the phone, regular or intensive.