in company spanish lessons in valencia

In-company spanish lessons in Barcelona

This service is designed for those companies, national or foreign, which, for various reasons, need their employees to speak Spanish.

Before starting with the lessons, the student’s language level is assessed, his or her needs and learner’s profile to be able to prepare a course proposal.

In-company Spanish lessons can be group or individual courses, intensive or regular, face-to-face or online. Classes could be taught at the company’s or Linguapaths’ premises or online (via Skype).

Duration of the in-company spanish lessons

The training could take the whole academic year or just one month, depending on the course type and whether it is intensive or regular.

Course material

We use coursebooks that integrate the Business or General Spanish vocabulary with grammar and the four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). In addition, we work with custom-made material and websites about a range of topics like finance, commerce, agriculture, tourism, etc. In general, in in-company Spanish lessons we focus on the use of Spanish in a business context, this is why we work with Business Spanish vocabulary in an active way and with specific communicative tasks such as participating in a meeting, making a presentation or writing a report.